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Customize Training

Customized Corporate Training is an exciting initiative at SQA Centre for the Software Testing Industry.

The corporate training offered at SQA Centre is designed for companies and organizations looking to update their employees' existing software testing skills or acquire new automated test tools knowledge. Companies with as few as 4 participants may take advantage of our Customized Corporate Training.

Utilizing our resources and over sixty years of technical education experience, we can customize training programs that allow you to exclusively utilize our expertise and equipment. Our classes are designed to offer the highest level of quality and most up to date hands-on activities in an instructor led environment.

SQA Centre has a core of experienced professionals recruited from business and industry to implement your program, either on our campus or at your facility, on dates that suit your company.

You can choose specific key areas in which your company requires training from our range of standard software testing, certification, automated test tools training courses

Areas of Expertise

   Software Testing

  Quality Assurance

  Automated Testing Tools

  Tester Certification

  Test Tool Certification

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